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Almost lost it before the play! - wetlevis
Almost lost it before the play!
A friend picked me up at my condo and we drove into DC, about a 20-minute ride, to go to a gay play at George Washington University. For some reason, before he got into DC, I had to pee real bad! I didn't to arrive at the college with a wet crotch, so just suffered until he drove up to the door, and ran into the building saying "I'll see you later." I just made to the men's room in time.

I was much more relaxed then, although Kim found the whole thing kind of amusing. Then he told me later he was driving home from a college reunion I think at the University of Virginia, about a 3-hour ride that you can't do in one "sitting," and there are no roadside toilets, so Kim peed in his jeans, then in a parking lot near his house (he lived with his father), he got some dry jeans out of his luggage so he could home looking like a man and not a pissy kid!


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